Monday, 28 July 2014

Morning fuel (Breakfast ideas!)

I love breakfast. Actually, it is my main reason for waking up early-ish every morning, even during holidays. My short experience of the outer world has shown me that, unlike many Spanish people, almost everyone makes breakfast a very important meal. In fact, I'd dare say that the most important.

Nowadays, life's hectic and time, something not to be wasted. When our alarm goes on in the morning we are all ready to wake up soon enough and take the time to prepare a nice, hearty breakfast before heading out for work with a full and happy belly...Just joking. Because, let's be honest, hearing that alarm at 7 am leads you to that "just 5 more minutes", which turn into 30 and a pretty stressed individual rushing out the door, empty stomach and "Lion King" hairstyle.(I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one with hair issues). Yes, I've been there as well.

As much as I love sleeping, skipping my morning fuel made me sleepy, sluggish and grumpy for the rest of the day. And, pretty surprisingly for me at the time, the thought of pastries and chips became most appealing. My body was crying for some kind of energy, nevermind the quality of it. Luckily, I changed my morning routine some years ago and I can tell the difference. Breakfast is really important, and guess's the perfect time of the day to have the (for no reason) feared carbs! Yes, time for that piece of toast! Or even for some treat here and there.

I like changing my breakfast from time to time cause I tend to get bored of it after a while, so I thought I'd share some ideas!!!

I love tea, so I always start my morning with a big mug of green or white tea, which I drink while preparing breakfast. (How cute is my tea set!) Drinking water first thing in the morning starts your metabolism after a long night of sleep!

If I need something quick and filling, I usually have Weetabix with warm milk or some porridge/oatmeal. I like adding some honey and peanut butter for a bit of taste. My favourite combo when I lived in Northern Ireland was Weetabix with poppy seeds, maple syrup and dried cranberries. It almost tasted like a dessert!
Right now, though, it's hot as hell at my place, so I switched my winter bowls for toast. Spanish people love white bread, and my family are not exception (of which I'm the exception, by the way). The problem I find with white bread is that supermarkets pretty much use super cheap and refined, bad quality flour and are cheeky enough to call it bread. Whatever the case, good (white) bread is not easy to find around here and tends to be a bit pricy. I pretty much skip it, but will indulge on it if we have some rustic bread at home. I usually have this toasted, with some olive oil, fresh tomato and some cottage cheese. If you've never tried it, you should!
As much as I'm not a big fan of white, processed bread, I LOVE good granary/dark bread. The darker, the better. Much to my annoyance, it's not the most accesible one. However, I found a little treasure this week: rye and pumpkin bread! It is super moist and absolutely tasty, even a bit sweet. I love mine with peanut butter and strawberry/cherry jam. I usually prefer sugar-free jam, but this one is homemade and 
 so good!
Healthy eating has made me a bit more creative, so when I'm fed up with bread (not very often), I make healthy muffins and pancakes (or my already posted peanut butter cookie)! I still haven't experimented too much, but the results have been amazing so far!
I successfully made oatflour pancakes and muffins, and they turned out quite tasty, but I also tried almondmeal muffins and they are just delicious! Moist and soft, just the way I like them. I will post the recipes for those here :-) I also tried the 2-ingredient pancakes (eggs and bananas), but I have no pics of those. (I loved them despise not being a banana lover myself) In the mean time, just look at these babies...

Now and again, though, I indulge and  have some churros (Spanish deepfried dough to be soaked in hot chocolate) on Sundays or homemade cookies.  I need my sugar fix as well!

I hope this will give some breakfast ideas. Healthy eating doesn't have to be boring and bland!

More posts soon! :)
Abigail xx