Thursday, 31 July 2014

Oaty pancakes (or pankicks)

The pancake monster, aka my brother, has been begging for pancakes for the last few days.

Today, I finally gave in and got my hands dirty. While I was on cooking duty, I've recalled the time a German friend came over for a visit while I was living in Northern Ireland. I took him out for dinner and ,at some point of our conversation, I mentioned people had recently celebrated "Pancake Day", something pretty alien to me or any Spaniard. The situation became somehow funny, cause no matter how many times I repeated the word "pancake" to him, he would not understand. Of course not, taking that I was (unconsciously) using a Northern Irish accent for it.

 One of the many idiosincrasies of Northern Irish accent, which at first confused me and is so dear to me now, is the way they pronounce the sound of "a" as it would be in "cake","Spain", "babies" (beebees) and many other examples. Ironically, such a feature had become part of my speech and still remains. All my poor amigo was able to hear, then, was something closer to "pankick". 
Currently, and as much as I love the sound of it, I'm trying to get rid of this little phonetic souvenir I brought with me for the sake of my current and future Spanish students. Still working on it 2 months later, haha!

Anyways, let's go with the recipe. I pretty much made it up months ago mixing this and that ingredient, so I was pretty impressed it was so tasty! (Did I mention my lack of cooking skills?) 
-30 gr. oats
-1 egg
-3 tsps. natural/greek yogurt
-100 ml milk
-2 1/2-3 tbsps flour (wheat, spelt,etc)
-2 tsps sugar/any other sweetener
-Pinch of salt
-In a bowl, add all your ingredients, except  yogurt and  flour, and mix everything.

-Add the yogurt and stir again.
-Put in your flour and whisk till you get a thick mixture.

-On a pan, pour a teeny tiny bit of vegetable oil (I used olive oil) or butter and spread it rubbing a paper napkin.
-Add 2 tbsps of the mixture to form a medium sized pancake and cook a couple of minutes each side so it is completely cooked and/or you can easily flip it. (This mixture is a bit more delicate than your average pancake batter, so be gentle)

-When done, place your pancakes on a dish and add any extras to your preference!! (My brother used cherry jam.)
This recipe made 4 medium sized, thick and soft pancakes.
I'd recommend these for breakfast as I find them quite filling for a mere snack. I'd normally add apple sauce or honey for sweetness but my brother likes his sugar...and nutella (but who doesn't?)Still much healthier than your average pancake! Make sure you show me a pic of these if you try them!

More posts coming!

Abigail xx

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