Friday, 25 July 2014

Peanut butter cookie recipe (kind of)

I am not a meat lover. If you ask any of my friends or even not so close acquaintances about my dietary preferences, you'll most probably get veggies and fruit straight away. And I have no problem in admitting it: my physique is not 100% genetics magic. I make sure I eat the right foods and try to exercise 2-3 times a week, but there's always room for some treats here and there in this body of mine.

As any mortal, though, I have my weaknesses, namely CARBS. There's nothing I enjoy more than good quality bread topped with a generous amount of butter, nutella, peanut butter or even olive oil and fresh tomato, just like any Spanish person. You name it. And don't get me wrong, bread is a good and healthy carb in sensible portions. The problem comes with bad carbs, and the list is neverending: sugary cereals, nachos, cookies, scones, cakes and a long etcetera. I could happily go through a whole packet of chocolate chip cookies in just one sitting (and I have), but I'm not an advocate of heart attacks, or shrinking clothes. And that's when this (kind of) cookie recipe comes to the rescue.

I must admit the looks of it won't make you go into a crazy cookies craving, but the texture and flavour of it will do the job. I use Weetabix biscuits for mine, which basically are crumbly wheaten cereals in a biscuit shape, and quite healthy for you. If you can't find these, oats will work as well.
Ingredients (for 1 serving/cookie):
-1 weetabix biscuit / 20 gr. oats
-1 tsp. peanut butter (I use homemade)
-1/2 tsps. honey (or sweetener of choice)
-1 eggwhite
-Crumble the biscuit inside a bowl, add the rest of ingredients and stir till everything comes together. 
-Transfer the dough to a small dish and give it a circular, cookie-like shape.
-Place it in the microwave for 1'5 minutes, maximum level.
-Tuck in!
The amount of peanut butter and honey you use will pretty much depends on your personal taste. I don't like my cookie super sweet or nutty, so I stick to 1 tsp of each. If you don't like peanut butter just skip it or swap for the same amount of mashed banana! Feel free to make any changes to suit your preferences (today I added some dark chocolate chips!).
I usually have this in the morning with some tea or coffee or just as an afternoon snack!! Give it a try and tell me what you think. 

Bon appétit!
Abigail xx

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