Sunday, 3 August 2014

On such a day as today...

On such a day as today in 1108, Louis VI, "the Fat One", was crowned King of France. In 1492, Cristopher Columbus started his journey to the "Indies" with his 3 ships, "Pinta", "Niña" and "Santa María" from Palos de la Frontera (Spain), to end up finding America. In 1887, Rupert Brooke, British poet (absolutely handsome and talented), was born. And in 1991, a little baby girl, the writer of this blog, was brought into this world (and spent the following 15 months crying, day and night, to her parents' distress). That's right, folks, today I turned 23 (and that's my distress). Just kidding.

                                                       (Yep, that's me)

In my family we have a tradition for bithdays: The birthday person must choose the kind of cake he/she wants, and my mum will make it. We may not have a huge celebration, but we always have cake. And we know what we like: It's always chocolate for my brother, lemon for my mum, biscuit pie for dad and cheesecake for me (cheese!!!). I may have cheated on my little love twice and go for Tiramisú, but I always go back to cheese. With loads of jam. This time, though, I took the responsability for it and made it myself.
                                                                     ( I think this pic is quite self-explanatory lol)
We had it with a few shots of cider, just because I frikin' love cider. Too much. Actually, we finished the whole bottle (which was mostly my fault lol) Sorry, not sorry!

I thought that, given that I have not really shared much of my personal life so far in my last posts, this would be the perfect occasion to let you know a couple of things about me. I could go on for ages, but let's better begin with 15 facts:
1. I was born and live in Andalucía (southern Spain), which gives me a distinctive and broad Spanish accent, quite different from standard Spanish.
2.I am a graduate in English Language and Literature from the University of Jaén (UJA). I finished my studies in June, 2013.
3. I recently returned to Spain after 9 months working as a Language Assistant in Northern Ireland. I worked in Bangor, Newtownards and Holywood (yes, that's the right spelling). I helped 16-18 year-old students to improve their spoken Spanish and prepared them for their final orals.
4. Apart from my home country, I have been to England , Northern Ireland and Dublin (Ireland), which I visited a few months ago. I can't recommend it enough!
5. I've been told my spoken English is a weird mixture of Northern Irish, American and Standard English accent. So I guess I sound quite funny (?!)
6. My height's 1.58 cm (5'2''). I won't talk about my weight because I don't want anyone to compare their measures to mine :-) , but I have a healthy weight haha!
7. I love food and fitness and will spend loads of time researching on them when I'm using my computer.
8. I hate judgemental people.
9.I tried Indian and Libanese cuisine for the first time during my time in Northern Ireland and I am OBSSESSED. I find myself dreaming of chicken khorma, baklava and samosas often.
10. I will eat whatever I'm served, except for mussels and baked beans. I HATE THEM. 
11. Blue is one of my favourite colours. When I was a teenager most of my clothes were blue. True fact. Funny enough, I almost always wear black/navy blue clothes.
12. My favourite film is The Lord of the Rings (and yes, I did the extended version marathon). I love action films, namely Pirates of the Caribbean, 300, The Hunger Games and a long etc.
13. My two favourite books are "Jane Eyre", by Charlotte Brönte, and "Never Let Me Go", by Kazuo Ishiguro. I seriously can't recommend this last author enough.
14. I've had a crush on Michael Fassbender since I saw him play Stelios in "300".
15. If I had to be born again, I'd choose my hair color to be red.

(To my brother's annoyance, I asked him to take a few pictures after lunch. So I guess this pic was a bit of a revenge haha)

Today I wore this Mexx shirt my mum bought me yesterday and my beloved H&M tight jeans. My sandals, (which you cannot really see lol) are just something I bought in my city's street market last month. No brand. 

This outfit would pretty much sum my style up. Basic colors, a bit modern, a bit elegant, a bit loose, and a bit tight. There's room for everything!
                                                        (I'm afraid I'm not much of a model lol)
I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more about me. If you're interested I'll post the recipe for my cheesecake some time soon. Thanks for reading!!!

An older and (hopefully) wiser me,
Abigail xx


  1. Abi is the cutest, pass it on! ;-)

  2. You are beautiful on the inside and on the outside. Big bday hugs :*

  3. You're beautiful on the inside and on the outside. Big bday hugs :*